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Freedom Demon Sighting 2015

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Freedom Demon Sighting 2015

Postby Scott » Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:22 am

July 2015 Sighting Of Freedom Demon Reported.

A witness has contacted us with a July 2015 sighting of the Freedom Demon near the Windham entrance of the Ravenna Arsenal. I was told they first though it was some sort of aircraft until they noticed the object had legs. This was yet another daylight sighting of the creature. Our files continue to grow as this creature remains quite active in and around arsenal grounds. ~Scott

“It was July sometime after Summerfest. I had just gotten off work at the Windham High School and I needed to cool off. The football field is in front of a railroad, and on the other side of the fence to the arsenal. Other than the gate and a stretch of road you can’t see the arsenal because of the woods hiding it. The gate is located at the end of South Main Street in Windham. It was about 3:30 when I started walking along the tracks of the railroad. I’ve walked down the tracks multiple times and not much happens besides seeing deer, once a bobcat, and the occasional military gun and bomb test. I stopped to take a break and look around. I looked up to watch some birds and I noticed something in the sky. Being a summer day the sky was clear of clouds. I moved to find an opening in the trees. I found one and watched this thing in the sky. This thing was definitely not a bird or an aircraft. It didn’t move very fast. It was a darkish color. Sort of a brown, at least from what I could see. It seemed to be hovering in one spot. From when I first noticed it I had only a good 15 seconds to see it almost clearly. It then shifted to its right and flew quickly over the tree line above the arsenal. It’s almost as if it had noticed me and flew away to stay hidden.”

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